26 July 2020

One article published on July 26, it was said that examinations will be started in KanpurUniversity from August 16. Final year students will be involved in these examinations. All papers will be made offline rather than online.

It was told in the news that this decision was made on Monday by the Vice-Chancellor of the University. Neelima Gupta did. He held a meeting with the Registrar and other administrative officers.

In which everyone agreed to conduct examinations from August. University Registrar Dr.Anil Yadav said that in the first week of August, the schedule of examinations will be released on the university’s web site.

He said that all students should keep preparing themselves. If the number of coronapatients increases, the date of exam can also be changed.

11 August 2020

After that New news was published on 11 August by a popular newspaper.According to this news, 7 lac students will be promoted in the next three days and will be promoted.

CSJMU exam were postponed midway due to corona infection. After the new decision, theRegistrar of the University formed a committee to set the standard of promotion on thedirection of the Vice Chancellor.

About 7 lac students of Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJMU) and its affiliated colleges will be promoted in the next three days. The committee has set its standards almost.

In the next two to three days, the committee members have a meeting with the Controller of Examinations, in which the final seal will be approved.

In addition, the university administration has also prepared the proposed schedule of final year students examination.
However, it is yet to be approved by the examination committee. Change is possible from this.

In this, the Chairman is Controller of Examinations, All Dean and Dr. BD Pandey, President of Kanpur University Teachers Association (KUTA). Dr. BD Pandey said that the final meeting regarding the promotion is to be held.

Everything will be decided in the meeting in the next two days.
At the same time, the university administration has prepared a new schedule for the final year exam from 27 August.

But here on the official website of the university, no notice or information of these things has been uploaded.
In such a situation, students do not know from when the exam will take place.

One more thing to note here is that the hearing in the Supreme Court for the final year exam is going on and some result is expected soon.
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