Issue No. 2

DU Top 5 Courses,  These will make your future bright

Every year, the program of each stream of Delhi University (DU) receives numerous online applications for admission.

There are some courses, which are in high demand every year. The Delhi University had received more than 2 lakh admission applications for undergraduate courses last year

English Hons:

English is a global language which has a lot of career scope. Also, it is in demand in every field. Last year, about 1.26 lakh students had applied for this in DU.

BA Program:

BA program is the second number for admission. In this, DU receives more than 1 lakh application forms every year. Competitive students have more focus in BA program.

Political Science:

Political Science Honors is taught in more than 45 colleges of DU. In which about 2500 seats are available.


For students with commerce stream, DU is considered a good option for B.Com. Every year more than 1 lakh applications are made to the university for B.Com.

Maths Honors:

Maths Honors in Science has been one of the top courses in DU for the last few years. However, admission in Maths Honors should be taken by only those people who are interested in higher education in this field


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