Digital Degree

Students who have graduated from Delhi University till date, are yet to get a stuck degree. In such a situation, the university has started an online portal.

Delhi University has started an online portal giving relief to the students, through this portal, students will be given a digital degree certificate.
Delhi University has given this information to the Delhi High Court. A bench of Justice Pratibha M. Singh of the High Court was informed that Students have to register on this portal.
To register, information on academic eligibility, college name, exam roll number, etc. will have to be filled. After that, the university will issue a digital degree certificate in a week after verification.

Giving a Digital Degree in the COVID‑19 pandemic, will free both students and parents from trouble. In such a situation, students will not have to travel to college or university and will get a degree through online portal.

It is just in the beginning stage, in such a situation, it is not possible to say how long the digital degree will start. You know that Delhi University is now focusing on online service. It seems students should not wait long.