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Gorakhpur University alumni meet 2021 through internet media | Gorakhpur News | Deendayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University

Gorakhpur University Alumni Meet

As soon as the havoc of Corona subsided, the seven-decade-old Deendayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University has once again started the exercise of connecting the alumni settled all over the world. Dissatisfied with the failure of the departments in the previous attempt, the university administration is now going to do a new experiment. they are going to bring the departments on internet media so that maximum alumni can be connected with the university with minimum effort.

DDU Gorakhpur University will create Facebook page and YouTube channel

Under this scheme, the Vice Chancellor has directed the heads of departments to create a Facebook page and YouTube channel of their respective departments. Apart from this, add the department from Twitter and Instagram as well. Try to make every alumnus aware of the achievements of the department and the university through these mediums of internet media.

The Vice Chancellor believes that Internet Media is the medium through which the alumni settled all over the world can be easily reached and connected with the University. The university had also planned to organize an international alumni conference to connect the alumni with the university, but due to the corona infection, that conference could not be completed. Departments created WhatsApp group but even that did not get the expected result.

Gorakhpur university will monitor the activities on internet media

The activities of the departments regarding the scheme should not be limited to just connecting to the Internet media, the university administration will monitor it. Heads of departments will have to give proof of their activity in this regard. He has also been instructed to keep updating the activities of his department continuously.

The university administration is also arranging for the department to look academically convenient and attractive to watch on internet media. The Vice Chancellor has directed the Heads of Departments to give information about the need of their respective departments, so that it can be completed by the University. Doing this would be beneficial in two respects. First the strong presence of the department on internet media will attract alumni to join the university. It will be easier to get a better grade in the second NAAC assessment.

Alumni have an important role in making any university financially prosperous, but the 70 year old Gorakhpur University has not been able to decorate its alumni till date. Now every effort is being made in this direction. We are confident that this scheme of linking departments with internet media will be successful in connecting alumni spread across the globe. – Pro. Rajesh Singh, Vice Chancellor, DDU Gorakhpur University.

Source- Jagran

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