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होमDU NewsDU Revised Academic Calendar 2021 | Revised Academic Calendar for First Year

DU Revised Academic Calendar 2021 | Revised Academic Calendar for First Year

DU academic calendar: Delhi University has released its academic calendar. It has been told that when will the classes for the new session start, when will the exams be and when will the semester break. Watch the full schedule in the news.

DU Revised Academic Calendar 2021

Delhi University has released the Revised Academic Calendar 2021. In this, details about the new academic session and the exam of first year students are given. According to this calendar, the first year students’ session will start from August 31. The examinations will be held from August 12 to August 24. The semester break will be for 6 days only.

DU revised Academic calendar 2021

Commencement of Classes18-11-2020 (Wednesday)
Preparatory Break and Practical  Examinations06-03-2021 (Saturday) to 14-3-2021  (Sunday)
Conduct  of Examinations15-03-2021  (Monday) to 27-03-2021 (Saturday)
Semester  Break28-03-2021 (Sunday) to 31-03-2021 (Wednesday)
Commencement of Classes01-04-2021 (Thursday)
Suspension of online teaching  in view of sudden surge  in COVID-19 cases04-05-2021 (Tuesday)  to 16-05-2021  (Sunday)
Preparatory Break and Practical  Examinations03-08-2021 (Tuesday) to 11-08-2021 (Wednesday)
Conduct  of Examinations12-08-2021 (Thursday) to 24-08-2021 (Tuesday)
Semester Break25-08-2021 (Wednesday) to 30-08-2021 (Monday)
Commencement of Next Academic Session  for this batch3 1-08-2021  (Tuesday)

Classes of First Year (DU First Year) were started from 01 April 2021. Classes were suspended from May 04 to May 16 due to the second wave of Kovid-19. The class has started again. Preparatory break and practical exams for exam preparation will be conducted from 03 August 2021 to 11 August 2021. After this DU First Year Exam 2021 will be conducted from 12 August 2021 to 24 August 2021.

DU Revised Academic Calendar 2021

DU Academic Calendar 2021 – Click Here

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