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Will Google Photos Delete Your Photos? Big change in Google Account’s storage policy from June 1,

Unlimited free storage for ‘high resolution’ photos is going to end on the Google Photos app from June 1. Google introduced this policy in November last year. if you were also using Google Photos App to backup your photos, then you also have to worry about storage space. So let’s understand what the whole matter is and what you should do now:

What is the changes in Google Storage Policy from 1 June 2021

Before June 1, if you uploaded a high-resolution photo to the Google Photos app, it didn’t count towards 15GB of storage. That is, users were able to upload unlimited photos with high resolution. Only this rule will change from June 1. Under the new rule, from June 1, these photos will also be counted in the 15GB free quota. If you want to upload photos even after 15 GB is over, then storage will have to be purchased.

Will your photos automatically get deleted from google photos?

The question in the minds of many people is that your photos in Google Photos will be deleted after June 1? So let’s understand what Google is going to change. Actually, Google gives a total of 15GB of free storage space to its users. This storage space is divided into Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos app.

Google says that earlier photos will not be affected by the change in policy. Therefore any high resolution photos you uploaded before June 1 will not be counted in 15GB of storage, nor will they be deleted. But all photos uploaded from June 1 will be counted in your storage space.

How much will it cost to buy google storage?

Google has introduced several plans with different prices for this membership.

100GB130 Rs.1300 Rs.
200GB210 Rs.2100 Rs.
2TB650 Rs.6500 Rs.

How to see how much storage is left in google storage?

If you want to check how much you have left out of 15 GB of free storage, then its method is very easy. First of all, go to a browser and login with your Google account. Now open this link ( Here you will also find out how much storage is taken by Gemell and how much Drive and Photos have taken.

What to do to free up storage from Google Photos?

You can also delete unnecessary photos, videos one by one from your account or take the help of Google’s storage management tool. This is a link to Google’s storage management tool.

Here you can delete large files from Gmail, Photos and Drive at the same time.

The storage manager will also tell you the approximate time by which your storage limit will be exhausted according to the backup frequency and file size.

You can select the folders of your phone that you need to backup, you can stop backing up the files of the unnecessary folders.

The upload quality of photos and videos can be reduced so that less storage space is consumed.

The company says that it will take about 3 years for the average Google user to reach the storage limit.

Who will not be affected by this change?

Google’s Pixel on Phone Users

On users who have already upgraded to Google One

On users using Google’s business services

What is the difference between Google Drive and Google Photos?

Both of these service files of Google are used for backup, but photos are specially made for photos and videos. At the same time, you can backup all kinds of files on the drive. They may contain PDF, Word or similar files. You can also upload photos and videos to Drive, but like photos, they can’t be edited and managed on Drive.

How does Google Photos work?

Whatever photos, videos are in your phone, Google Photos makes a digital copy of it and stores it on the cloud. You can access these files from anywhere through your Google account. Also you can download, edit, manage and share these files.

Where is your data saved in google?

Google has built data centers around the world for data storage. In a way, they are the brains of the Internet. User data is stored in these data centers.

Google gives us everything for free, so where does it come from?

All the services of Google are free up to a limit only. After that Google starts taking money from you for using that service. The storage policy that has been recently changed in Google Photos is also a part of Google’s paid subscription model. After using 15GB of free storage, you will have to pay to keep using photos. It is likewise with the rest of Google’s services.

Google’s biggest source of income is advertising. Google charges you money for advertising on Google’s own and other websites and apps. Google has Adsense program for this. Apart from this, Google provides many services to the business. These include services such as storage, books, Google apps, web hosting and Google’s cloud platform.




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