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DU Admission 2020: Admission online will be challenging

DU Online Admission can be challenging for students and Colleges

For the first time, the University of Delhi is going to enroll online at the undergraduate level. In this, the student has to take admission at the cutoff fixed by the college after watching the cutoff itself. At the same time, the principal of many colleges says that it will be challenging for the colleges. Also students can get upset.

College principals said that even when the students were physically present for admission, they used to add their cutoff wrong many times.

Now when everything is online, they may face problems. Students have many curiosities about admission. Sometimes they make mistakes. He makes mistakes in the cutoff with a slight margin. When this system was physical, the people of the admission committee used to check it closely. But now this will not happen.

Suppose the students are admitted and later when they come to check their certificates and there is a mistake, then their admission will be canceled and by then all the cutoff admissions will be completed.

DU Online Admission, possibility of these problems

  • Admission process completely online, such a minor mistake will not be admitted
  • The entire process is online. In such a situation, students outside Delhi cannot come to college if there is any problem.
  • There can be a problem with the verification of certificate
  • Often due to server problem, there is a problem in the portal
  • Many times students are worried about the payment of fees.



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