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DU OBE December 2020: Mock test paper will come on the OBE portal one week before the exam

Delhi University has issued several important guidelines for the students in the Open Book Examination to be held from December 12. DU has decided to put the mock test paper open book exam or OBE portal for students’ convenience. In the notification issued by DU about the open book examination, it has been clearly stated that the mock test papers of the students appearing for the open book examination will be put on the OBE portal one week before the examination.

On the dates of the main examination, the question papers of the related subjects will be put on the portal and according to the instructions, the students solve it and upload it on the portal. DU has also clarified that any kind of mail will be treated only from the official mail given by DU colleges to the students. Mail from any other mail will be ignored.

If you are giving open book examination from home, then you will not get the option of college

DU has clarified in its directive that the open book examination will be in two modes. A physical mode in which students have to take the exam while going to college and another remote mode in which they can take the exam from their home. Students who are appearing in physical mode can take the exam in remote mode but those who are appearing in remote mode cannot give it in physical mode.

DU gives 1 hour extra time to the students with disabilities for the Open Book Examination

DU has said that for the first time, by changing the instructions for the Open Book Examination, students will be given more facilities. DU has clarified that the disabled students will be given 6 hours this time, whereas this time was just 5 hours in the open book examination held earlier. DU has said that if there is poor internet connectivity, the student will also be given an additional time of 60 minutes although the review committee will evaluate those copies.

The masters’ copies will now be examined directly by the department

DU has instructed the departments to check copies of the students taking the open book examination of the Masters. Earlier departments used to make question papers, conduct exams and they used to go to the examinations department from there, those copies were given by putting fixation numbers and given to the departments of the subject concerned, but now this will not happen with copies of open book examination.

These instructions are important regarding the answer sheet

The student has to write his answer A4 paper only. Apart from this, it is necessary to write a page number on every page from its first page. Apart from this, on the first page it is mandatory to give the following information-

  • – Date and time of exam according to day, month and time
  • -Server Numbers
  • -Student is the candidate of which program like BA, B.Com etc.
  • -Which semester is the student taking the exam
  • -Student Unique Paper Code
  • – Student Question Title
  • – Student name, college or institute name
  • – Student email id
  • -Student Mobile Number
  • Number game in open book exam
  • – This exam is for the third, fifth and seventh semester
  • – About 1 lakh 70 thousand students of undergraduate regular mode will take the exam
  • – About 1 lakh 30 thousand students of undergraduate school of open learning will take the exam
  • – The time limit for general students is 4 hours.
  • -The time limit for students with disabilities is 6 hours


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