DU will open from February 1, only 50 percent of students enter


The University of Delhi (DU) is now going to open after the bandh issued since March under the aegis of Corona. Under this, final year students will be able to come to college from February 1 for practical work. However at one time only 50 percent of the students will be allowed to enter the college. In this regard, DU has issued guidelines to colleges.

Online reading will continue

DU has clarified with the guidelines that final year students are allowed admission from February 1 to March 31 only for practical work. However, during this period all students will continue to read online as before. At the same time, students will have to strictly follow the corona guidelines while entering the college campus. DU administration has directed the colleges that coming to college will be optional for the students, college administration will not be able to create pressure on it.

Corona Task Force will be formed in colleges, colleges will drill mock

DU has said in the guidelines issued to colleges that students will have to follow the guidelines related to protection from corona during admission. Under this, the college will have to arrange separate rooms. At the same time, the college would have to form a corona task force. Whereas in January, colleges will have to start preparations for admission of students.

Whereas in January, colleges will have to start preparations for admission of students. Under this, the college staff along with the teachers will meet and the mock drill will be done in the college in view of Corona, which will have to be informed to the DU administration. With this, admission of any student with corona symptoms to college will be restricted. At the same time, a regular counselor should be arranged in colleges.


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