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‘Kaun? ‘Who Did It’ Season 2 launched on Flipkart Video, solve the complicated cases before Detective Adi Bhagat

Whether it is a crime series or a crime movie, viewers like this type of show a lot, because the thrill in such shows lasts till the end and the doubt remains on who is the murderer. ‘Kaun? ‘Who Did It’ is one such show, whose season 2 has been launched on Flipkart Video. Its first season was launched in the month of January this year. It is a crime-thriller series, where the audience along with the police get a chance to identify the murderer.

Every episode of the show ‘Kaun? ‘Who Did It’ comes with a new case, to solve which lady Inspector Malini enlists the help of a retired senior officer and Detective Adi Bhagat. In the episode made in less than half an hour, Malini presents all the evidence in the case to Adi Bhagat and also about the four suspects. Meaning, as much as every case is new to the audience, it is also new to Adi Bhagat.

In such a situation, in order to catch the real killer from among the suspects, both the audience and Adi Bhagat will have to listen carefully to everything that Inspector Malini says.

‘Kaun? ‘Who Did It’ Season 2 begins six months after Adi Bhagat was shot in the chest. The last episode of Season 1 ended with the mystery as to why Karmath Thind aka Devendra Narayan Choudhary shot Adi and who is the real killer of Malini’s parents? Adi Bhagat, who has been cured after being in the hospital for six months, has to find answers to both these questions.

The first episode of Season 2 begins with Malini’s parents finding out the real killer.

‘Kaun? ‘Who Did It’ first season was loved by the audience. Its concept and way of presenting it is new. The show’s veteran TV writer Sanjay Shekhar and director Umesh Bisht explained it well through the show, how to write the story better in a short span of time and how to put it intelligently in front of the audience. After watching the episodes of both the seasons it is very difficult to differentiate ‘Who? Whether ‘Who Did It’ is a crime show or a game, the episode beautifully asks the audience a question about the real murderer and the viewers will want to answer the same.

Talking about the characters of the show, there are mainly two characters in it, Adi Bhagat and Malini, who are played well by actor Sushant Singh and actress Sanjana Suwalka. Sensation is very good in the role of Inspector, while we are aware of Sushant’s strong acting. Looking at him, it seems that it is quite easy for him to play the role of a detective in a crime show. His years of experience is clearly visible in his acting. His way of solving complicated matters will be loved by the audience in the second season as well. Apart from this, the performance of other characters in the show is also going to impress. Most of the actors playing the characters have done justice to their roles.

‘Kaun? Who did it’ is a one-of-a-kind new show, where the audience gets to entertain as well as solve the case. For this, the audience will have to find out the real killer in every episode. If a viewer watching the show reveals the name of the murderer before Adi Bhagat, then he will get a chance to win gifts like Smartphone, Flipkart Gift Voucher and Super Coin. Overall, director Umesh Bisht has tried his best to keep the viewers entertained with the game by tying a crime show into different episodes in a precise manner.

Who is story writer of Kaun? Who did it?

Sanjay Shekhar

Who is director of Kaun? Who did it?

Umesh Bisht

Main character name of Kaun? Who did it?

Umesh Bisht, Adi Bhagat



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