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Top 10 colleges of DU 2021 | Top 10 colleges of Delhi University 2021 |

Top 10 colleges of Delhi University 2021 | Top 10 colleges of DU 2021

Almost every student of Delhi NCR has a dream to admit in Delhi University. In such a situation, students have a lot of confusion about DU’s college and its famous courses. Today we are giving you complete information about Top 10 colleges of Delhi University 2021 | Top 10 colleges of DU 2021.

By the way, Delhi University has about 70 colleges. Which are in the North, South, East and West areas of Delhi. Many types of courses are offered in these colleges.

But we are telling you about the Top 10 colleges of Delhi University 2021 | Top 10 colleges of DU 2021. This college is famous for which subject and course. Also, how old is their history.

Top 10 colleges of DU 2021
Stephen's college Top 10 colleges of Delhi University 2021 | Top 10 colleges of DU 2021

1 St. Stephen’s College –

St. Stephen’s is the oldest and most prestigious college for arts and science. This college was founded in 1881 by Christian missionaries for higher education. I was in This college is the oldest college of Delhi University. From this college, big personalities like Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Kapil Sibal, Khushwant Singh and journalist Barkha Dutt have studied.

St. Stephen’s College is on number one in Top 10 colleges of Delhi University 2021 | Top 10 colleges of DU 2021

The major subjects in St. Stephen’s College

Economics, English, Chemistry, Mathematics and History are famous.

srcc college

2- Shri Ram College of Commerce

This college is very expensive and famous college. It is known for only two graduate-level courses Commerce and Economics. It was established in the year 1926 by the late Shri Ram Ji. Shri Ram College is the most expensive placement.

Major Subject in SRCC

– Economics and Commerce

hindu college

3- Hindu College

Famous College for Science, Arts and Commerce. The Hindu College was established in 1899. Before the partition of India and Pakistan, there used to be intellectual discussions here. Film director Imtiaz Ali and cricketer Ajay Jadeja have studied from here. Hindu College has the status of Star College.

Major subjects in Hindu College

Economics, History, Political Science, Philosophy and Commerce

4- Hansraj College

This college, named after the great educationist Mahatma Hansraj, was established in 1948. Until 1975, the Hindu College was for boys only. Later it was co-ed. The college has an electronic shooting range and indoor sports complex. Apart from this, actor Shah Rukh Khan has also done his studies at this college.

Major subjects in Hansraj College

Economics, Commerce, Mathematics, English and Chemistry

5- Miranda House College

Miranda House is the Famous Girls College of the University of Delhi. Women studying from here are employed in many important positions in the country and abroad. Miranda House is also famous for its top faculty. It provides education in arts and science to more than 2500 girls.

Major subjects in Miranda House College

Economic, English, Mathematics, Political Science, Philosophy, Music, Commerce

shaheed sukhdev college

6- Shaheed Sukhdev College

This college was established in 1987 in the name of prominent freedom fighter Sukhdev Thapar. It is considered to be one of the best business schools in Asia. After studying in this college, there are placements in big business companies.

Major Subject in Shaheed Sukhdev College

Bachelor in Management Studies, B.Tech

7- Ramjas College

The great educationist Rai Kedarnath established this college in 1917. Ramjas College is one of the oldest colleges in Delhi. Ramjas College is also famous for its world class faculty. This is a good college for students studying commerce.

Major subjects in Ramjas College

Economics, Statistics, Political Science, Commerce and History

8- Indraprastha Women’s College

This college was founded by freedom fighter Annie Besant in 1924. IP is the oldest women’s college in Delhi. It is quite a famous college to get a Bachelor degree in Mass Media and Mass Communication.

Major subjects IP College for Womens

Mass Communication, Mass Media, Commerce, Economics, English, Political Science

9- Kirori Mal College

This is a famous college for art and commerce. Kirori Mal College has received special recognition for sports, theater and arts. This college was established in the year 1954. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has done his studies from Kirori Mal College.

Major subjects in Kirori Mal College

Economics, Commerce, English, Maths, Political Science

10- Daulat Ram College

This college is famous for art, commerce and science. The college was established in the year 1964 in the name of great educationist Daulat Ram Gupta. This college is also known for foreign languages ​​courses.

Major subjects in Daulat Ram College

Economics, Commerce, Psychology, History and Maths



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