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DU Admission 2020: Complaint online if you have difficulty in getting admission in University of Delhi

DU has given the draft form for complaint and information related to admission on its website. Which has two types of form.

If the student needs any type of information related to admission, then he will fill the information form, in which he will have to fill in the name, surname, type of information and what information he needs.

The complaint will be sent in the second form, in which the student has to write his name, surname, gender, mail ID, contact, application number, type of complaint and what is the complaint. For this, students can see related links.


Format for admission related complaint – Click Here to download

– Email ID For admission information- undergraduate2020@admission.du.ac.in

– For complaints related to admission- uggrievances2020@admission.du.ac.in

These steps are important for online admission in DU

  • Applications can apply from online portal from 10 A.M
  • The student has to open the portal from where he applied for admission.
  • Where he will have complete knowledge of the first cutoff and his application
  • Students will choose courses and colleges after seeing their cutoff here
  • When you choose the college and course, you will have to provide reference number.
  • When you select all, the concerned college will get this information.

If there is any problem in your application or certificate during online admission 2020 in DU

  • The college will contact you through the mail.
  • If the form uploaded by you is satisfactory and confirmed, then the principal will approve your application after examining it.
  • After approving, the link to deposit the fee will come from the concerned college.
  • Your admission will be valid only after confirmation of submission of fees.

If the student wants to change one college to another college in online admission of Delhi University.

after admission, he has to choose another college and in such a situation, when he is confirmed for admission in another college.

Then he will have to cancel the first admission. The fee prescribed by DU will deduct for this. This amount is one thousand rupees.

For any payment related grievances in DU online admission

please contact on below mentioned numbers or email (from 9:30 AM to 6:15 PM, Monday to Saturday except Second and Fourth Saturdays of the month)
1. 9311374188
2. 9654067616

  • Full Name of the Student
  • Registration No.
  • Mobile No. registered with University of Delhi
  • Date of Payment
  • Amount Paid



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